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Taking the Scary Out of Colonoscopy

To be completely honest, the prospect of having your first colonoscopy is worrisome. No matter how you look at the situation, the fact remains that you will definitely have a lighted tube (called a scope) inserted into your rectum in order for Dr. Cofrancesco at GI North to explore your rectum, colon, and large intestine. If that last sentence didn’t seem slightly invasive or make you the least bit nervous then congratulations, you’re a rock.

However, for the rest of us who still get a little scared when we hear the word colonoscopy, maybe there’s a way to ease those nerves and lessen the scary just a little. For instance, perhaps you could relax more if you knew about:

  • Colonoscopy details: Like the old NBC tagline, sometimes it’s easier to relax “the more you know.” If you’re the type of person that feels better about a medical procedure armed with all the detailed information, then Dr. Cofrancesco and the staff at GI North in Cumming, GA recommend reading their detailed colonoscopy page and the colonoscopy prep page.
  • Colonoscopies by the numbers: Simply saying something is routine isn’t comforting. Proving that something is routine is comforting. In his twenty-plus years of experience, Dr. Cofrancesco has performed thousands of colonoscopies. See… routine.
  • Colonoscopies and pain: Despite the fact that most residual pain from a colonoscopy does not occur from inserting the tube (it’s actually from inflating the large intestine with carbon dioxide gas), you can relax knowing that you will receive a sedative to keep you unconscious and unaware of any discomfort during the procedure.
  • Colonoscopies saving your life: Finally, maybe the only way to make you feel better about having a colonoscopy is putting the procedure in a larger perspective. The American Cancer Society estimates that colonoscopies have the potential to prevent 65% of colorectal cancer cases. 65%! Using this great screening tool, Dr. Cofrancesco not only examines your colon, rectum, and large intestine, but he can locate and remove pre-cancerous polyps as well.

Again, Dr. Cofrancesco and the staff at GI North in Cumming, GA understand that being intimidated by a colonoscopy is normal. But after you study the technical details, realize you can be sedated, and understand that this routine procedure can possibly save your life; maybe you will relax and stop being so scared of that lighted tube.

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