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Improving Digestion: 5 Little-Known Ways Chia Seeds Help

Chia Seeds Arranged to Spell Chia | Gastroenterologist AtlantaChia seeds are one of the super foods that naturally work on improving digestion in your body. Many of its healing benefits are not known and are sometimes overlooked by digestive sufferers. These are five ways chia seeds helps your digestive tract get healthy again.

Add Fiber Without Adding Bulk

Increasing fiber prevents some digestive disorders, but it aggravates others. Chia seeds don’t bulk and dry in your stomach like other forms of fiber. If you are warding off a digestive disorder and have to avoid bran, wheat or psyllium husks, chia seeds can help you get the benefits of eating fiber without feeling the side effects of a clogged gut.

Reduces Inflammation While Improving Digestion

Chia helps digestive sufferers of disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, gastroparesis or gluten sensitivity. Ordinarily, you have to worry about inflammation and swelling in your stomach affecting your entire day. However, adding chia seeds to your diet reduces inflammation and soothes the stomach lining. It makes it easier for your body to digest healthy foods from a balanced diet.

Get the Same Benefits, as Fish Oil Without the Smell

This super food is high in Omega-3 fats. You get more Omega-3 from chia seeds than salmon, but it doesn’t have that fishy taste, unless that’s what you want it. Chia seeds do not have a flavor and take on the taste of the food it’s eaten with. You get all the GI health benefits of fish oil, without the fishy smell.

Heal the Stomach Lining with Chia Seeds

When mixed with water, chia forms a slippery gel similar to applesauce. Inside your body it coats the lining of your stomach and allows the villi to absorb the many antioxidants chia seeds contain. Chia is high in vitamin C, calcium and iron and several times better than blueberries for fighting free radicals.

Helps Control Your Weight

Chia seeds help you feel full even when you are eating smaller meals. Chia seeds are high in nutrients, like magnesium and boron and are high in trace minerals. You have fewer cravings to foods like chocolate or potato chips just by adding the seeds to your diet.

Another benefit of Chia Seeds is increased energy. People who simply add a sprinkle of the seeds to their morning meal have seen a noticeable difference in their energy levels. These are a few of the little-known ways chia seeds work on improving digestion naturally.

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