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Exercise for Relief of Chronic Constipation

Constipation Hard stools are no walk in the park, but a walk in the park could be just the trick.

If regular bowel movements are hard to come by these days, moving your body a little more may do the trick. Experts now say that exercise does more than just keep your heart and body strong. Exercise is vital in helping with bowel regularity. As if you needed one more reason to exercise…

How Can Exercise Help Constipation?

Constipation can be the result of a number of things such as insufficient water intake, sedentary lifestyle (an 8-hour day at a desk followed by a two-hour night in front of the television), diet, or other medical conditions. Chronic constipation means that something is hindering your digestive system from passing waste easily and efficiently.

In comes exercise. Exercise helps constipation by decreasing the time it takes food to move through the large intestine: the faster it moves through, the less amount of time your body has to absorb water from the stool. This makes the stool more moist less likely to get, well…stuck. In addition, aerobic exercise quickens your breathing and heart rate. This helps to stimulate the natural contraction of intestinal muscles that push the stools through.

The Best Exercises for Constipation

Here’s your tip: Just move. Even walking daily can help the body and digestive system function optimally. Aerobic exercises such as running, jogging, swimming, or swing dancing, are fantastic as well, but should be eased into if you aren’t already working out regularly. All these exercises can help keep your digestive tract healthy. Make sure you wait at least an hour after a meal to exercise however.

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