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Can you Spot the Signs of Cirrhosis?
medical illustration showing  cirrhosis | GI North

The experts at GI North can diagnose and come up with a treatment plan if you are suffering from cirrhosis or other liver condition.

Cirrhosis, or the final stage of liver failure, has several warning signs that can be spotted in most patients. While spotting one or more of these signs is not a sure sign of cirrhosis, it is a reason to schedule an appointment with your doctor to review your condition.

Expect to see one or more of the following warning signs if cirrhosis is present:

Bleeding or bruising easily: While everyone gets bumps and scrapes on occasion if you suddenly see an increase in the amount of bruises you sustain or you have injuries that won’t heal, it may be a sign of liver impairment and you should be seen.

Jaundice: A mild or severely yellow cast to your skin and the whites of your eyes is a clear sign of liver trouble. Jaundice is almost always associated with liver issues and is a classic sign of liver failure.

Pain or tenderness in the abdomen: Your abdomen may be swollen and uncomfortable and a feeling of bloating or discomfort can be present. Pain of unknown origin should be examined by a GI North physician to make sure that your liver is not in trouble.

Extended nausea or reduced appetite: Loss of appetite, unexplained weight loss and nausea can be a sign of many different GI conditions and should be reported to your physician.

Fatigue and insomnia often accompany liver failure or damage and you may feel tired for no reason. If pain is keeping you up at night you should be examined to make sure a health or liver problem is not to blame.

In many cases, liver damage may not show many signs until it has advanced considerably. The more aware you are of the symptoms of liver failure the more quickly you’ll be able to get treatment. The team at GI North can help you understand your symptoms and diagnose the underlying health condition whether it is liver related or has a different cause.

medical illustration showing the liverIf you are worried about liver or digestive problems, the best way to get peace of mind and prompt treatment for your symptoms is to see a doctor. The experts at GI North are here for you when you need us most; contact our Cumming GA area location for prompt attention to your concerns. GI North also serves patients in surrounding areas such as Alpharetta, Canton, Suwanee, Dawsonville, Roswell, Johns Creek, East Cobb, Canton, and beyond. To schedule an initial appointment or for more information call (404) 446-0600.

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