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Can a Colonoscopy Save You From Cancer?

Colonoscopy is important for your health because it prevents colorectal cancer. There was a study done that was published in the New England Journal in 2012, that showed, that removal of polyps can prevent death from colorectal cancer; which is a big finding, because prior to that it wasn’t really known whether it did prevent deaths or not. Now we have the data that shows that doing colonoscopies and finding polyps can prevent you from dying from cancer.

It’s imperative to screen patients for colorectal cancer through a colonoscopy, and now we have better bowel preps that are low volume and now we recommend splitting the dose, meaning that you don’t drink the whole prep at one time, you would drink half the prep the night before, and the other half the early morning of the day of the procedure, so that you can get a better quality study, and find more polyps.

So, during a colonoscopy, what we look for are polyps, angiectasia, diverticulosis, and cancer. Given the fact that there are new techniques, there are new bowel prep agents, and the fact that now we know that colonoscopies prevent death from colorectal cancer, it is more imperative to get screened for colon cancer through a colonoscopy. About 60-70% of the population who are above the age of 50 are getting screened, but we’re still missing about 20-30%. Getting screened late can put you at risk for finding an advanced polyp, or even cancer, which could have been prevented if you were screened earlier.

If you need a colonoscopy and live in the north Atlanta area, Dr. Quijano is at GI North which is located in Cumming, GA. GI North also serves residents in the surrounding areas such as Suwanee, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Canton, and Duluth. Call (404) 446-0600 for an appointment today.

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