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An Aspirin a Day – Now Shown to Prevent Colon Cancer

One of the quotes you probably have been repeating you’re entire life is “An aspirin a day, keeps the doctor away.” Well, now there’s even more proof showing this to be true. Not only does it help prevent strokes and heart disease but it can also help prevent colon and esophageal cancer.

aspirin | prevent colon cancer | Atlanta, GAThere have been new guidelines issued this week (September 15, 2015) from the US Preventative Services Task Force that states a daily low dose of aspirin should be given to people in their 50’s to help provide protection against colon cancer as well as heart attack or stroke. The US Preventative Services Task Force is an independent panel of experts who review the evidence for preventative medicines.

The guidelines suggest that lose dose aspirin has the most benefit for helping prevent colon and esophageal cancer for those in their 50’s. Once people reach their 60’s, they can expect smaller benefits and should be guided by their doctor as to the draw backs or benefits of starting an aspirin regime.

The doctors at GI-North located in Cumming, GA are happy that a low dose aspirin a day could help prevent colon and esophageal cancer but don’t want people to mistake this as a reason not to have a colonoscopy during their 50’s and 60’s. For some more at risk patients, the procedure should be performed at an even earlier age.

The increased awareness of the benefits of having a colonoscopy has been the leading cause of decrease in colorectal cancer of the past 5 to 10 years. While the evidence shown that aspirin can reduce incidence of colorectal neoplasia, it should not be used as a reason to pass on having the procedure.

As in starting a new medication regime, you should discuss with your doctor first. For many patients, aspirin is not tolerated well and can cause bleeding in the stomach, intestinal track and even in the brain. Dr. Simon Cofrancesco and Dr. Sergio Quijano are specialist when it comes to diagnosing and treating any conditions concerning gastrointestinal concerns. They are located in the Northside Forsyth campus in Cumming, GA. They treat patients from all over the north Atlanta metro area.

For more information on the details of the studies conducted refer to this abstract published in the US National Library of Medicine+ or the Daily Mail/Health+

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