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10 Super Foods From All Over the World
photo of freshly harvested black salsify

Freshly harvested black salsify.

For centuries, the human race has searched for a magic pill to preserve health and youth. While this pill has yet to be discovered, modern research increasingly uncovers the benefits of super foods. The future of fighting disease is bright when humans harness the exponential power of natural plants from around the world. Here are a few of the less familiar super foods with concentrated nutrition:

This Japanese fruit looks much like a lemon but contains more Vitamin C. Limonene within the peel fights inflammation, a major player in heart disease and digestive difficulties.

Rye Berries
While many gluten-containing grains promote inflammation, these berries actually reduce it and regulate insulin in the blood. Rye berries package 12 vitamins and amino acids, as well as muscle-building protein. They hail from Southeast Asia originally.

Matcha Green Tea Powder
This green powder often brewed into a tea not only reduces stress and cholesterol but also gives the metabolism a boost. Monks brought the concept of green tea powder from China to Japan to be used ceremoniously.

Growing in the western United States, these fruits look like miniature tomatoes. They taste sweeter than the common tomato and pack a powerful punch to disease with their vitamin A and C content.

Containing a natural insulin to bolster the pancreas, this root vegetable tastes best cooked. Besides our own United States, it grows in countries such as the Netherlands and New Zealand as well as on the continent of Australia.

Leaves from this tree, which grew originally in Africa and Asia, contain 46 antioxidants. Some of its miracle properties include fighting diabetes by lowering glucose in the blood and heart disease by lowering lipids.

Ripe Mangosteens from Indonesia

Ripe Mangosteens from Indonesia.

This fruit from Indonesia treats gastrointestinal illnesses and skin conditions. As a powerful antioxidant, it may be an effective treatment for cancer in the future.

Common to yellow mustard and Indian curry, this spice slows and prevents the growth of tumors. Its primary ingredient is curcumin, a key player in fighting inflammation.

Green Coffee Beans
Chlorogenic acid found in unroasted coffee beans promotes weight management. Extracts from these beans also fight inflammation and disease.

This fermented soy product is common in Japan. Natto prevents blood clot formation, stroke and heart attacks and maintains bone density.

If Americans begin to draw from the wealth of nature from across the globe, they may well begin to heal themselves from the inside out. Years of processed foods and additives have weakened the health of many across the nation. It is time to reach out to the orchards and fields of other countries and allow their super foods to build the health and longevity to which we have long aspired.

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